Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Beautiful Gunung Serapi Summit View | 婆罗洲探险者涉拉比山,山顶风景太美丽

Mount Serapi, situated at the Kubah National Park, multiple wooden shelters are located along the trail to the summit, oh and don't worry, there is only one trail to summit you will not get lost. The trail passes through dipterocarp forest and links the various trails of the park. One of the trail that I like is the Rayu Trail which link to the Matang Wildlife Center, and it takes 3 - 4 hours one way.

涉拉比山, 位于库巴国家公园。到涉拉比山山顶的路上都有数个凉亭,供给登山者们休息。这个国家公园其中一段山路可以从库巴国家公园出发直到马当野生动物中心(单程三至四个小时)。

6 persons at one time. This Viewing Tower was built in 1997 and made of Belian wood (aka Borneo ironwood). According to the notice board it can only accommodate 6 persons at one time. I lost count on how many times I've been there, but this is the first time to take a picture from a drone. 

这座遥望台是建于一九九七年,用坤甸铁樟木 (又名坤甸木)建的。为了安全,一次只可以让六个人登上去。我自己都忘了这是我第几次登上去,但是这是我第一次用无人机拍照。角度还可以吧?!😊
This is the highest tower, which can be view from various places in Kuching. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Borneo Explorer to Spak Clearwater River Adventure 市杷河游泳记

I visited the Spak River, which is situated at about 15km away from the Betong Petronas Gas Station. Its has a road sign "Spak Clearwater River Adventure". I came here after finished hike the Bukit Sadok

木中休息油站那里还有个地方叫市杷河,离木中休息站往内陆大概十五公里。我和队友们刚登完萨多山,路此地,就进去拜访。果然是个个不错的地方, 溪水很清晰, 水也是很凉。
This is the road which lead to the river bank of the Spak river
The formation of this river is water flow from Layar river (Batang Layar), and the Spak river (Sugain Sepak)
这地方有两条溪流形成,既 拉亚河及市杷河。
The water is very clear, my friends and I cook instant noodles to eat, and then we also swim here. 

Friday, May 05, 2017

Bukit Sadok Summit Hammock Camping at Betong, Sarawak, Borneo 萨多山露营记,木中,砂劳越

My friends and I had join an expedition which organised by the Kelab Aktiviti Lasak Kenyalang, they wanted to get into the Malaysia Book of Record for the most participant in a camping using hammock. In the end which they did, as there are about 500 plus of hammock on the summit.

We start our journey on a Friday night at about 8pm, and reach Betong town at about 12 midnight, then another hour drive to Sk St John, Jalan Ulu Layar, at Nanga Tiga. After our registration we slept at about 3am, woke up at 5am the next day. After breakfast, we start our descent at about 9.30am.

We were now at the bottom of the actual trail to the summit, all my friends wear their orange "Book of Record" t-shirt, as for me, I don't like to get sunburn so I will stick with my long sleeve hiking shirt. 

The jungle track brings us mainly through pepper gardens, pineapple gardens, and other type of crops. The trail ascends to the mountain are quite sharply, there is one part of the mountain where they lay a foundation of concert on the trail which makes it danger to navigate on a raining day. Which I personally think they should build it in a staircase shape, instead just lay it flat. 

丛林之路主要通过胡椒种植园,凤梨园等农作物。 爬上山的小路相当斜,山上有一部分,村民们在走道上铺了石灰路,地面都是平的,而这样在下雨时很容易滑倒,非常危险。 我个人认为他们应该建一个楼梯的形状,而不是平平的一面而已。很危险啊!
We sometime will asked ourselves the age old question which is asked by all people climbing mountains: “so why exactly  am I doing this?” I just enjoy embarrassing nature.  

有时登山,我们会问自己“我到底这么幸苦折磨自己为什么?” 哈哈,但是这些都是随口说而已,我就是喜欢拥抱大自然。
Saw this man in his 60's with one leg, slowly hiking up the 7km summit. Now do you still dare to say you can't reach the summit?! He's slow, but he manages to join us at the summit, which I have no idea how he did it. He told us that he climbed mount Santubong a few times already. In the end he did reach the summit, as I saw him with my own eyes, a lot of people took picture with him, and even interview him.


I know that its going to be a long climb, so we just go by maintain a speed, not too fast, not too slow. I can see a vast field of pepper plantation at the slop, along the way I didn't see any river. Where do they get all the water for all these plants? 

我知道这是一个漫长的攀登,所以保持速度,不太快,不太慢。 我在坡边看到广阔的胡椒种植园,奇怪的是沿途没有看到任何的河流。那么他们在哪里取得水来给这些植物?
There are many turns along the way, good thing that the organiser had marked clearly where to go next. If not we can easily go to the wrong trail, as I heard that Charles Brook took three days to get to the top while it took us about 3 hours. 😆😋

沿途有许多转弯抹角,好在主办单位有明确地标明了下一站的去向。 如果没有,很容易去到错误的路线,我听说查尔斯·布鲁克花了三天时间找路才到了顶端,而我们花了约3个小时
In this expedition, there are about 500+ who manage to reach the summit. Most of them are new to hiking, as I can see some the hiking bag are still very new, one of them even still have the price tag on. 

And some are the expert, like this friend here, which he use to walk inside the jungle, carrying a basket of heavy stuff is like nothing for him. 

当天有超过500人到达这个山峰。 他们大多是新手,因为我看到登山包还是很新,甚至其中一位价格标签还没拔掉,嘻嘻嘻。

I finally reach the main summit. Here we have one shelter, and the other was a small memorial hut built nearby with a copy of the Timpang Brang cannon placed in it and with several signboards giving the gist of what happened on the mountain, but is in Iban language. 

我终于到达山顶。这里有一个凉亭,附近有一个小型纪念小屋,附有一个放在其中的(Timpang Brang)跛脚海狸大炮,别紧张这是副本来的,真的放在另外的地方。同时有个牌子用依班文记录了山上发生的事情。
There was a stone slab there with a quot from the bible, according to the local, this was placed there by an Iban priest who was trying to insult the Ibans who go to the top to perform non christian ceremonies. 

This is the replica of Rentap's one armed cannon standing on top of the mountain. And a plate with a story about Rentap that goes like this...

The Rentap's town at bukit Sadoh. wait, it means like his house or fort made with belian wood as thick as 2 ft. Basically, after he was defeated by the white Rajah of Sarawak James Brook in 1854 in Sungai Lang, Ulu Skrang. 

Actually James Brook never came to the mountain himself, his forces were led by his nephew Charles Brook, Rentap made a new place for him and his people to live and became king of that area. 

And then the rajah has tried to attack him a few more times and only on the 3rd try he managed to get into that kuta with the use of a 12 pound cannon, (then some story about how they use magic and so on to make the defense weak etc) when rajah managed to get in, he found that Rentap has ran away, and was never captured by the Brooke forces, and finally on the 28 Oct 1861 the rajah burn down the Kuta.

在山顶上有一台仁达的大炮复制品。 和一板子刻有关于仁达故事,故事是像这样开始的。。。

仁达市镇在萨多山上。呃。。。 等等,牌子里写道他的堡垒用比利木头制成,而厚度两英尺,基本在一八五四年在沙捞越,萨郎,乌鲁丝客朗地带,被詹姆斯·布鲁克,白色拉惹赫攻打。 


At sunset I could even see the sunlight penetrate over the clouds surface and shine on the mountain range far in the distance, the view was truly amazing.

As an experience camper, we manage to setup our hammock very quickly. And we still have time to build a dinning table, chairs, a place to hang our backpacks and a lamppost. After that we have nothing to do, but to look at the others struggling to setup tent and hammock around us. 

There was a heavy downpour at about 7pm, and ends at about 4am the next day. We are lucky that our heavy duty hammock manage to kept us dry, but for most of the others, they have to sleep in a wet and cold condition.  

作为一位有经验的露营者,我们很快就设置好了吊床。 我们还有时间搭建餐桌,椅子,一个可以让我们挂背包的地方,和灯柱。 之后,我们无所事事,只好看其他人在努力的设置帐篷和吊床。

下午七点左右下起了大雨,第二天在凌晨四点左右才结束。 我们很幸运,我们的吊床让我们保持干爽,但对于其他人来说,他们必须在潮湿和寒冷的条件下睡觉。

What happen when 500 plus of people staying on top of a limited space with just 4 toilet available?
A long queue of people waiting to go in the toilet, and the aroma from the toilet diffuse the whole area. 😓 


The only way is by Car. From Kuching to Petronas Betong to Sk St John, Jalan Ulu Layar, Nanga Tiga, 267km, for about 4 hours


Bukit Sadok is a historical place where the Iban warrior Rentap builded build fortifications to protect themselves from the attacks of Charles Brooke. The height of the mountain is 872 meters above sea level. At the peak of Bukit Sadok is a replica the one armed cannon name the Bachelor Lame Beaver (Timpang Brang Meriam). The cannon was used by Rentap to resist the invaders which is the Brooke army that led by Charles Brooke. The original cannon was placed in Betong District Office building in Bukit Bangun.

I hike for about 3 hours from Base to Summit.
Total hiking distance is 7 km.
Highest elevation is 872 meter above sea level

萨多山不是什么圣山,但是它具有浓厚的历史,历史悠久的地方。伊班战士仁达把这座山建立成防御的基地,以保护自己免受查尔斯·布鲁克的袭击。 山的高度是海拔八百七十二米。 在萨多的顶峰有一个火炮复制品,这座火炮的名字是跛脚海狸(Timpang Brang Meriam)。 这个大炮是用来抵挡入由查普尔布鲁克(Charles Brooke)领导的入侵团队。 原装的火炮被放置在班屯山的民政事务处办公室前。


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Life in the Kinabalu Mountain Range of Sabah Borneo 2 of 2 婆罗洲,京那巴鲁高原山脉的生活(下篇)

Borneo is a tropical island, its hot all year round, and cold weather for us is a blessing. Every time when I explore to places with cold weather, I tent to get very exited! But in the same time, I will easily get running nose.
See through my camera lens on how is the life in the Kinabalu Mountain Range looks like.


On my way up to Laban Rata, I'm not alone. On one of the rest stop, there are these cute squirrel welcome me. I let them eat some biscuit.  

5th June 2015, 07.15am local time. A powerful magnitude 6.0 earthquake has struck Mount Kinabalu (54 kilometers from the state capital of Kota Kinabalu), cracking roads and buildings in the region and injuring climbers on the peak area.
The force of the tremor was so strong that it snapped off one of the two "Donkey's Ear" rock outcroppings that form a distinctive part of the mountain's peak.  

二零一五年六月五日,当地时间早上七点时十五分。 京那巴鲁山(距离哥打京那巴鲁五十四公里)发生了强大的六级地震,破坏了该地区的道路和建筑物,并对高峰地区的登山者造成伤害。


Laban Rata Base Camp, at 3272 meter above sea level

Guys, look at the sunset behind me, isn't it amazing!!! This is the first time I get to see sunset in such a high altitude. 

大家看我背后的夕阳,这是我第一次在高原看夕阳 😃💓👍。温柔的阳光照耀整片大地,云海都在我脚下。
Birds gliding in the sky freely.
The life at the highland of the Kinabalu mountain range are fantastic, Just the way to reach this area will be a bit challenging. Remember to keep the nature clean, take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprint. 
So what about the life on the Kinabalu park highland? Click on this article to read more. 


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Life in the Kinabalu Highland of Sabah Borneo 1 of 2 婆罗洲,京那巴鲁高原的生活(上篇)

Borneo is a tropical island, its hot all year round, and cold weather for us is a blessing. Every time when I explore to places with cold weather, I tent to get very exited! But in the same time, I will easily get running nose. 
See through my camera lens on how is the life in the Kinabalu Highland looks like.


Behind me is the highest mountain in Borneo, 4095 meter above sea level.
This is the Kinabalu Park, its a resort for visitor to stay and enjoy the highland life. It stands at 1563 meter above sea level. 
Three hornbill birds flew over.
The temperature here is in between 25 - 21 degree Celsius.
This is the Balsam buffet restaurant, the food here are extremely delicious. 
About 5am, the white dots on mount Kinabalu is the hikers who will be reaching the summit.
The highland life here are wonderful, although the sun shine brightly, but I do not feel hot at all. Very admin the life here. So what about the life on top of the mount Kinabalu mountain range? Click on this article to read more.