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First outstation Anglican Church Banting Town Exploration with Borneo Explorer

The river at Lingga and Banting are Batang Klauh to Batang Seterap to Batang Lupar are famous for the crocodile. There are many stories on crocodile eating man. But the local children still dare to swim in the river 😥
The first outstation Anglican Church was erected in Banting, Sri Aman, after visit by Rajah James Brooke and the Rev. Dr. Thomas MdDougall in 1859. 

The local people told me that this is the 2nd oldest church in Sarawak.

Made from Belian wood, the Banting Church was consecrated on 17th July 1859 the same year. The old church, which has been renovated, is still used by the Iban Christians in the Banting vicinity. 
The guide told me that this is the only gravestone which made by bronze.
Banting was one of the first stations chosen by the early Christian missionaries of the Anglican Communion from which to spread the Gospel.
Some history about this place
The first seed: a flop
The Anglican Mission in the Second Division had its baptism of fire at Skrang in 1851. Pioneering missionaries produced not a single convert among the people there.

In January 1853, Chambers, one of them, had to stop travelling around as Rentap’s men were on the warpath. Bereton, in charge of the government’s fort there, had summoned Alan Lee at Lingga, for help.

During a battle on the river in front of a stockade, Lee was killed.
So the fort had to be moved to Simanggang and it became Fort Alice in 1864.

No longer a safe place, the Anglican Mission also had to move downriver, eventually to Banting, where the Seed began to sprout.

Of the converts at Banting, one Ingkul was the first to be baptised in 1855.
Practically all the priests and church workers had come from England; many struggled to survive under harsh tropical conditions. Despite the difficulties, several priests managed to spread the Gospel to other districts, for instance, to Sebetan and Kerian.

As the Church membership expanded, more workers were needed. For this, Banting was made a centre of training for the catechists, teachers and health workers.

Education was another component of the Mission’s work.

Over a period of a century and a half, the school at Banting must have produced hundreds of students who later became teachers, government servants, businessmen, and other professionals. 

Of recent interest is the fact that Penghulu Tawi Sli, second chief minister of Sarawak (1966-1969) was a teacher at Banting.
The Batang Klauh (Klauh River), the connection to the outside world is by boat on this river.
There are two longhouse next to the school, and my friends and I visited the longhouse
This longhouse have 48 doors, and its very old. I notice there are quite a lot of rotten wood on the floor. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Visiting the Lingga Town, Sarawak, Borneo 笼芽镇拜访记

I visited Lingga town after I finished my hike to Bukit Sium at Batang Ai. This is a small coastal town which can be reach by road via Sri Aman town, the road condition are acceptable, as its tar road from Sri Aman town all the way to Lingga town. The Lingga town its situated near the Lupar River (Batang Lupar) debouches into the South China Sea.
There is only one row of Chinese shop house situated near the river bank.

One thing that caught my attention was the first, second, third, and fourth shop house, the structure are beginning to lean to the left. After a few more years, it might even collapse if no repair work.
Every morning the shop will open at about 7.30am - 8am, and people will come for breakfast, and buy some food. The kuih they sell here are cheaper than what we get from the city. 
On the sky of Lingga town, we saw a rare scenery, a huge swarm of bats flew over the sky. 

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Bukit Sium Ukap Exploration The Batang Ai National Park River 休谟无卡山探险记,巴当艾河国家公园

The Batang Ai National Park jetty, the only was to go to either the longhouse, the Park HQ, or the mountains nearby is by boat.
A group photo at the Batang Ai Dam. this dam was completed in 1985
Sun Halo on our hiking day to Bukit Sium, Batang Ai National Park.
Clinic inside the Batang Ai National Park conservation area
A part of our journey was being blocked by logs many rotten logs, and we have to slowly push away the logs to navigate our way over.
Upon reaching the upriver area, rapid current can be seen, and some swirls also.
Along the trail up the Bukit Sium, we saw some branches are carefully place on the ground, but we are not sure what is it use for.
Many mushroom grows on the tree trunk
Very small spiders a lot of them 
Huge mushroom which is bigger than my 5" smart phone
Iban burial ground. The burial jars has names being carve on the wood respectively. Mambang Dauk (who die in 1951), Merayang Matu (in 1950), and Malong Dauk (in 1947). 
We manage to reach the summit with about 4 hours, at 710 m ASL. Next to us is one of the Iban burial jar. As advice by our local guide we did not camp at the burial site, but descent a few meter down for camp in order to pay respect to the dead. 
Its very heavy to carry our hammock, and water. So we have limited water to use, we carefully calculate the water that we can use for cooking, drinking, and for descend the next day.
We are all Hennessy Hammock users, the expedition edition! 
The day when we ascent to the mountain, it was a hot day, and the waterfall has not much water.
The day we descent back to the base again, and heavy downpour the whole day, water starts to flow to the Ai river (Batang Ai)
The small waterfall on the base of the mountain
Stop by at the Park HQ to take a group photo with the signboard.

About Bukit Sium Ukap 
715 Meter Above Sea Level
Highest Mount in Batang Ai National Park

The staring hike is a steep climb on the sium ridge, and then continues along the undulating ridge through good forest for a further few kilometer then to a high point of the ridge, Bukit Ngalan kempas. Then lastly to the highest point of Bukit Sium Ukap. Several steep hills in the area are called Bukit Sium and the exct name of this particular hill is Bukit Sium Ukap. Sium in Iban word means to sniff. At the summit there is a old survey beacon ground being cleared long time ago, and is now being taken back by nature, therefore not much view can be seen on the summit.

一开始就要攀升陡峭的山脊,然后沿着波涛粼粼的山脊继续穿过几公里森林。然后将会抵达山脊的高点,叫 BUKIT NGALAN。 最后到休谟无卡 (BUKIT SIUM UKAP)的最高点。 该地区的几个陡峭的山丘被称为休谟(BUKIT SIUM),这个特殊的山丘的名字叫做休谟无卡(BUKIT SIUM UKAP)。 这个休谟的意思是嗅,很久以前有一个旧的调查信号塔在,还有一片空地,但是现在正在被大自然慢慢的夺回,所以在最高这里看不见什么景色。
The red line is our trail, its about 45.4km from the Jetty to the Longhouse and to Bukit Sium trail head.
Its only about 715m high, the hard part is our heavy backpack about 15kg each. With our standard gear, hammock, water, food, and clothes. 


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